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What's New at Food First Wellness-This can lead to Degenerative Disease? What?
May 30, 2010


Insulin? Check

Testosterone? Check

DHEA? Check?

Estrogen? Check

Progesterone? Check

Cortisol? Check

Chronic Poor Lifestyle Choices can lead to Degenerative Disease? Che... what did you say?

Yes... Chronic Poor Lifestyle Choices CAN and DO lead to Degenerative Disease.

View this small presentation entitled Endocrinology 101:

Personally, I find it "freeing" to know that the level of my health is directly related to my lifestyle choices. I like to be responsible for how my life goes, and I hope you do also.

I don't know if you noticed, but if you make a top-notch submission, I will give you your own two week Blog Page.


Either way... I appreciate you being here and I thank you for sharing.

In Good Health,


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