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What's New at Food First Wellness-To Vlog or Blog, that is the question!
May 30, 2010


I like the idea of Vlogging over Blogging in most instances.


One... don't we receive enough text on a daily basis all ready?

Two... the ability to actually learn something via presentation (voice/visual) is much greater than that of just reading text.

And, Three... the most important thing is not to just learn something, but to actually apply it. These short videos are only around three minutes long and each one has a primary focus. Very easy to watch over and over, improving the ability to retain the information. This repetition will drastically improve your learning curve!

If you are interested in topics like: nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, health care and childhood obesity, amongst others, this Vlogging/Blogging page might just be the place for you.

Take a look and let me know what you think:

I don't know if you noticed, but if you make a top-notch submission, I will give you your own two week Blog page.


Either way... I appreciate you being here and I thank you for sharing.

In Good Health,


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