Optimal Wellness

by Julie
(Portland, OR)

I live in the United States. It doesn't seem that there are a lot of health and fitness professionals or wellness experts saying that optimal wellness is attainable by focusing on food. I agree with you. But, I was wondering, why is that?

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Feb 21, 2010
Reductionism Science, Agendas and Conflicts of Interest
by: Kevin from FFW

The issue I see is that Western Medicine Physicians and
Alternative/Complementary Doctors (as well as Health and Fitness Professionals and Wellness Experts), either don't believe we CAN be truly healthy or actually do believe we NEED supplements to be healthy.
Why in the world would they believe and teach such things. A number of reasons, but here are a few:

Bad Interpretations of Nutritional Science
Getting Involved with Special Interest Groups/Lobbyists looking to make a Profit
Doctors (and other professionals) wanting to improve their Revenue Stream with Residual Income.

This concept or belief is completely contrary to what I teach. You will see on the Food First Wellness site in the Anthropology and Centenarian Sections that there are plenty of cultures that have people living long-lived lives and doing it quite well, I might add. Without supplements (as well as drugs) of any kind.
But once again... our food needs to be of the highest quality and we do need to live a lifestyle that is conducive to attaining optimal wellness as well.
Unfortunately I am finding more and more that our medical and health professionals are asking less and less from us concerning being responsible for our health.

And this is truly unfortunate.

In Psychology 101 you learn that most people will take the path of least resistance. If you tell someone that they don't need to eat right because it isn't that important and they can make up for it with a pill or powder, the majority of the human race will go the easy route!

And they have!

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