Following a proper diet by consuming the best foods for you is a 24/7/365 Proposition. But it will be time and energy well spent!

Adhering to a nutritional regimen 90% of the time is a very difficult undertaking indeed. But... I cannot think of anything more important! I mean really, how good are you to your loved ones if you don’t have your health? The majority of diseases today occur by neglecting a proper diet and by consistently partaking of poor lifestyle choices, not genetics, so if you are interested in taking responsibility for your health, get your high quality food intake and optimal diet under control today! Obviously consuming foods of the highest quality are of utmost importance.

But, if you are just plain sick and tired of all of the misinterpreted nutritional science and political correctness that is destroying your health, I would ask you to really put some energy into understanding what a correct diet with the right foods can do for you.


Do you know how to combine your proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your meals throughout the day? Do you know how many meals you should be consuming daily? Do you know when to eat larger meals versus smaller meals? Do you have any idea of what foods you may be intolerant to? Have you been misled to believe that any of the new “diet” trends may be the way for you to become healthy? Are you following the fallacy that your primary concern in becoming healthy is by expending more calories than you consume?

Look, there all sorts of sites out their that will fill your mind with the same misinformation that has led our country into becoming one of the sickest and most diseased countries in the world.

This site is different! In the United States. Remember...

Concerning food... being Politically Correct isn't that correct.

Concerning food... Conventional Wisdom isn't that wise.

Living Eating Healthy - Good nutrition is made easy right here. This easy to navigate site offers tips on good nutrition, information on various health issues, an ever expanding healthy eating recipes archive as well as some information on exercise and active living.

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