Hormones do more than just direct the cellular building processes.

They also send messages that are essential for breaking down and making new cells.

These healthy new cells are important for more hormone production. In following Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s understanding of endocrinology in her three books based on the Schwarzbein Principle. It is clear to me that accelerated aging and degenerative diseases are primarily challenges because of lifestyle, NOT genetics!


When a specific system breaks down, it unfortunately affects ALL the other process in the entire physiological system. This happens because ALL of the systems are interconnected. This interconnection of systems means that as your body loses cells and your hormone levels decline, your body breaks down more than it builds up.

The major focus of this page is to have you focus on Insulin and Cortisol, which are real PRIMARY players concerning your health! This is of utmost importance to understand, as this is the premise behind accelerated aging!

Accelerated Aging can also cause Degenerative Diseases of Aging!

Insulin (produced in the pancreas)-Anabolic in nature; regulates blood sugar, rebuilds structural, functional and energy biochemicals and slows down the same use of these chemicals.

Cortisol (produced in the adrenals)-Reacts to stress; is a major utilization hormone, regulates blood pressure and when blood sugar levels are too low.

Poor lifestyle choices can lead to Insulin disorders.

Uncontrolled high insulin levels can cause:

Fat accumulation on a low-fat diet

Increase the risk of heart disease by creating plaque on the arterial walls

Cancer cell replication

Increases high blood pressure

Insulin Resistance

Type II Diabetes

Poor lifestyle choices can also lead to Cortisol disorders.

Uncontrolled Cortisol levels can cause:

Weakened immune system


Decrease in lean body mass

Hair loss

Thinning skin

Inability to grow nails

Decrease in concentration

Decrease in Serotonin

Side-note: The secretion of Cortisol is like a reflex; same response no matter the stimulus.

So, since Cortisol can be released during emotional, nutritional, chemical, physiological, and/or hormonal stress, getting one’s day-to-day stress under control is of the highest priority.

So, I believe, as does Dr. Schwarzbein, that we CAN:

Prevent and Reverse Degenerative Diseases of Aging

Lose Excess Fat

Eliminate Cravings and Addictions


By getting our Insulin and Cortisol under control.

Concerning insulin, don’t consume meals that increase your blood sugar levels.

Concerning cortisol, reduce chronic stress at all costs!

Understanding how Insulin and Cortisol can affect your life can save your life!

Wow, all of this good news about how to take control of your health, and not one comment on

Human Growth Hormone!

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