You must consume natural and organic foods! Why? Because you have no chance in attaining optimal wellness without them.

Our bodies are finely tuned machines and they will only run optimally operating on the best fuels possible.

Okay, so I said it, if you had any question of your ability of being super healthy on lower quality fuels, your question has been answered; unequivocally NO! There is no debate... SORRY.

You see, beyond organic foods, sustainable foods, organic and natural foods are not only free of contaminants and synthetics, but they also are the most nutrient dense foods money can buy. So, it is a WIN-WIN. No down-side, just big-time upside!

By following a nutritional regimen loaded with high quality foods you are fueling your body with what it really craves. Everything that make you tick will benefit; not just your bones and muscles, but everything from your immune system to your internal organs... EVERYTHING!

And YOU will reap the benefits because of it!

This site is a HUGE proponent of small farms that are greatly concerned with the quality of their soil, the health of their produce and the treatment of their animals. And good thing, because without these farmers and ranchers, we would have no ability at all in becoming truly healthy. It is so important, that Sustainable Foods has it's own section on the Food First Wellness site.

You see, we have no chance in being healthy by consuming unhealthy fruits, vegetables, and animal products. No chance at all.

Supporting small farmers who take a great amount of pride in their farming is not only good for you, but your family, the economy, the planet, and maybe more importantly, our future!

Have the higher quality of organic foods and its peers made it to your dinner table yet? Optimal wellness is waiting.

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