I am a HUGE fan of the Farmers Market because I am passionate about how things impact my health and my life, here are just three:

A. Locally-Grown

B. Extremely Fresh

C. Supporting Small Farmers

But, why stop there, here are some other reasons:

1. Preserve Natural Resources

2. Develop and Maintain Important Social (urban/rural) Ties

3. Farmland Preservation

4. Environmental Concerns

5. Health of the Animals

6. Sustainable, Beyond Organic, Organic and Natural Foods

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This movement is no longer just about flowers and vegetarians. There are now opportunities available that will enable you to do ALL of your weekly shopping!

There is no better place to find quality foods and quality people!

A major purpose of this site is to not only educate people on the importance of high-quality foods and an improved lifestyle, but also to create COMMUNITIES of like-minded people.

1. A Community of like-minded people who believe that their wellness levels are directly related to the quality of the food they are consuming.

2. A Community of like-minded people who understand the immense positive impact on the area that they live when they purchase their foods from local small farmers.

3. A Community of like-minded people who know that, though they MAY spend a little more on this high quality food, they understand that the impact it has on their future health, the health of their economy and the health of their environment, is more than worth it.

4. A Community of like-minded people who greatly value farmers who understand the importance of sustainable farming and the humane treatment of the animals they farm.

5. A Community of like-minded people who realize that the small decisions that they make today for themselves will make a large impact for those who follow us.

All of the tabs beneath “BETTER COMMUNITY” (to the left in the Navigation Bar) are to help you get involved into a community that will better all of us.

Have A Favorite Farmers Market?

So, what is the name of your favorite farmers market and where is it located? Please, share what makes this farmers market special!

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Austin Farmers' Market at Triangle Park, Austin, TX 
Okay, I have been spoiled. Before moving back to Southern California, I frequented this Farmers Market weekly for about four years... straight. And, …

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