Sustainable Food. It doesn't get any better!

I am glad you are here and I hope you are here to help develop a community of people who value real quality farming and the foods that come from quality farms.

A Sustainable Farm creates environmental stewardship, farm profitability, and prosperous farming communities. It avoids soil erosion and pollution, so it does NOT destroy the land for future generations.

This type of farming uses an integrated system of plant and animal production; a synergistic approach that creates the best produce and animal products that nature offers. Sustainable farming creates sustainable food.

Sustainable food comes from a system in which the resources are used at their rate of recovery. Some major attributes of this system are (from Sustainable Food Laboratory):

1. The FERTILE soil is maintained and improved

2. The availability and quality of the water is protected and ENHANCED

3. Our biodiversity is PROTECTED

4. ALL workers in the sustainable food system have livable incomes

5. The food is not only affordable but it PROMOTES optimal health

6. Sustainable businesses are businesses that CAN thrive

7. The flow of energy and discharge of wasted ARE within the capacity of the earth to absorb forever

Sustainable Food comes from the farming of produce and animals that are treated as they should be, and because of this, they offer you the best that they have to offer. Their optimal health will be passed on directly to you!

Remember: Optimal Wellness by Focusing On Food First! A major purpose of this site is to not only educate people on the importance of high-quality foods and an improved lifestyle, but also to create COMMUNITIES of like-minded people.

1. A Community of like-minded people who believe that their wellness levels are directly related to the quality of the food they are consuming.

2. A Community of like-minded people who understand the immense positive impact on the area that they live when they purchase their foods from local small farmers.

3. A Community of like-minded people who know that, though they MAY spend a little more on high quality food, they understand that the impact it has on their future health, the health of their economy and the health of their environment is more than worth it.

4. A Community of like-minded people who greatly value farmers who understand the importance of sustainable farming and the humane treatment of the animals they farm.

5. A Community of like-minded people who realize that the small decisions that they make today for themselves will make a large impact for those who follow.

All of the tabs beneath “BETTER COMMUNITY” (in the Navigation Bar to your left) are to help you get involved in a community that will not just better your life, but all of our lives.

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