Today Food Politics matter... Big Time! Once food became big business and it was clear that there were huge profits to be made, Food and Politics became inseparable. You might be thinking, why do food and politics HAVE to go together?

Numerous reasons!

Let me count the ways...

The lower the quality of the food, the greater the stress on the health of the country.

The larger the company or industry that sells the food, the more influence they have in Washington. The smaller the amount of money we spend on food, the larger amount we will have to spend on our health care.

With very little focus, or money, being spent on prevention, the monstrous industry of Pharmaceuticals is making a huge profit at the expense of our health. As our population grows an even higher level of greed is destroying our planet and our environment.

Political correctness and special interest groups unfortunately and incorrectly dominate nutrition policy and science. Advertisers of your favorite product may actually be using the First Amendment to lie to you.

We may not have the right to produce and sell raw dairy, but we may not have the right to turn down vaccinations?

Each food industry has its own special interest groups as well as sub-interest groups that shape our nations political landscaping.

More stringent policies and regulations would protect the consumer.

Lawmakers seem to be more concerned with their campaign financing than fulfilling their promises.

Subsidization does not benefit the small farmer, but instead, benefits the larger farmer that produces commodities, not highly nutritious food.

“The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies.”-Michael Pollan

Industrial and factory farming have nearly replaced sustainable and organic farming. Genetically Modified Foods are being accepted by the public as having no negative or detrimental effects on humans.

Nutritional Science has now developed a political correctness that has led our country into being one of the most unhealthy and diseased countries in the world.

Food Politics greatly effects the Food and Drug Administration and the Center of Disease Control.

I COULD GO ON, but you get the point.

The point is that Food Politics affects you, your family and your country.

Be aware that the people making the big decisions on your health may not have any idea what you need, let alone care about what you need!

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