Wellness by prioritizing Food First? Well, Yes.

If your ultimate goal is attaining optimal health, then prioritizing high quality whole food first is the only way to go. as Focusing on anything other than these nutrient dense real foods is putting the “cart before the horse”.

This site’s primary focus is to educate people on the place these high quality foods should take in one’s everyday lifestyle. Prioritizing exercise, supplements, and god forbid, drugs and procedures before sustainable, beyond organic, organic and naturally grown food is a huge mistake.

We ALL need to be proactive with our nutritional regimen or “diet". By implementing the increased intake of completely natural nutrient-dense whole foods and weaning yourself off of convenience foods, fast foods, altered foods, and even genetically modified foods, you will find yourself looking and feeling better than ever before. Do you really have any idea of how great you can look and feel?

Relying on health care is a reactive approach to one’s well-being that will always fall short, as the concept of health care in this country is not health care at all, but conversely is sick care. Be fair and honest with yourself, by taking drugs and undergoing procedures, does your disease actually go away, or are you just treating the symptoms?

“America's health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.” 
-Tom Harkin

EVERYBODY'S best bet is to get healthy and stay healthy. If you are interested in the best way to become truly healthy, look and feel better, and live up to your genetic potential, I hope you have found a HOME!

Here are my goals for you and this site:

1. To develop a community of like minded people that are interested in attaining optimal health for themselves, and their families, by prioritizing food first.

2. To encourage the support of local farmers that produce high quality and sustainable foods. And to enforce the belief that by doing so you will not only be benefiting yourselves, but your local economy, environment and planet.

3. And finally, to provide a forum to allow you opportunity to not only grow in your knowledge concerning attaining optimal health, but also to share your stories on local foods of the highest quality.

Because of my passion for real food and focusing on it first, this site will never recommend, offer, or sell any type of supplement. The focus of my work is completely proactive, and I believe if you follow a nutritional regimen that is loaded with high quality foods there should be no reason to supplement it in any manner. Ever!

Remember, their is nothing more important than your health. The future results of a healthy nation are more than far-reaching; your family will thank you, your economy will thank you and your planet will thank you. I will thank you! But more importantly, you will thank yourself!


Kevin Fitzgerald, MA Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

I recommend you spend a little time on this site and look around. I will be updating often!

Optimal Wellness Vlog.
An Optimal Wellness Vlog giving you the opportunity to learn and contribute to the most important of topics.
Past Wellness Vlogs.
Past Wellness Vlogs.
Optimal Wellness. Be proactive with your health and focus on food first
Attaining Optimal Wellness is a more than a worthy endeavor. Learn exactly what you need to know to achieve the health and vitality you deserve.
Sustainable Food. The pinnacle of quality farming and foods
Purchasing and consuming Sustainable Food is beneficial for all involved. Making a decision for sustainable food will better your life as well as all of those around you.
Shop Local. Buy fresh high quality foods. Support small farmers
Shop Local, it is good for you, your environment, and your local economy. If you are planet and palette conscious, shopping locally is the only way to go.
Sustainable Farming. Top notch farming, top notch food! Guaranteed
Sustainable Farming is good for you, your economy and your planet. Produce and animals coming from this type of farming are treated the way they should be. And your health will benefit because of it.
Farmers Market. Great Food, Great People... Great Times!
Developing a Farmers Market Community. It is good for all concerned; you, your family, your economy and your planet.
CSA. It makes great sense for you economy and your health!
CSA. Community Supported Agriculture. A strong movement that is only getting stronger, and for good reason.
Natural Food Markets. High quality foods, local, and excellent service
Natural Food Markets give people an excellent opportunity to meet all of their high quality shopping needs in one place.
Healthcare. No more sick care system, focus on prevention.
A real Healthcare system is one that aids in people being optimally well. Not sick, nor disease, but helping people living a long life of vitality.
Food Politics. Special interest groups dictate policy, not your health
Food Politics is about money, not your health. Food Politics is about people making decisions based on profit, not your family or our countries well-being.
Childhood Obesity is now a Pandemic. Proper Food Intake is the Answer
Childhood Obesity and Children Acquiring Type II Diabetes is on the rise. Children MUST understand the importance that real quality food plays in their health.
Proper Diet. Proper food and diet will lead to optimal wellness levels
Once you begin to eat a proper diet with the proper foods specifically for you, you will be on your way to optimal wellness.
Natural and Organic Foods. High quality foods lead to optimal health
Attaining optimal wellness in not attainable without the inclusion of natural and organic foods.
Lifestyle Choices Dictate Your Overall Health
An improved lifestyle may be all that is keeping you from the health and fitness level you desire.
Anthropology Can Teach Us A Lot About Healthy Diets
When studying anthropology, it is clear that many cultures before ours have been extremely healthy and fit. It would be good for us to learn from them.
Centenarians. Living long and living well.
Many cultures have Centenarians, learn what these people have in common. They not only live long, they live well.
Health Misconceptions. Mass information and Misinformation runs rampant on-line
With all of the Health Misconceptions out there, it is nearly impossible to attain the results you want concerning your health.
Hormones. Cortisol and Insulin play a huge roll in your over all health
A proper understanding of the hormones cortisol and insulin will make an instant impact on bettering your health. These primary hormones must be kept under control for any chance at a long life.
Dealing with Chronic Stress can add quality and years to your life
Everyone should know that Chronic Stress can take a terrible toll on your well-being.
Toxins. Not all toxins are what we may call drugs, but they still destroy health
Most toxins are not only addictive, but can destroy your health much faster than quality foods can improve it.
Wellness Quotes. Wellness Quotes. Learn from some of the best minds in the worl
Wellness Quotes. Memorizing Wellness Quotes may help motivate you to achieve your wellness goals.
Wellness Books and Videos. Pollan, Schmid and Super-Size Me.
Having a library of wellness books and videos is a fine way to continue your pursuit of optimal health.
Comments. Please leave Comments and suggestions for FoodFirstWellness
Comments for Food First Wellness. Please leave comments and suggestions.
Q and A. Answering basic questions about Food First Wellness
Q and A for Food First Wellness. Answering the basics questions that you may have concerning the Food First Wellness website. Please ask a question to be answered by Kevin at Food First Wellness
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