Optimal Wellness by prioritizing Food First!

That is the focus of this website. Be Proactive with your life and your health... Not Reactive!

A proper movement or exercise regimen, should only be added to your new lifestyle AFTER you begin eating correctly! Most people are not healthy because they are malnourished, NOT because they don't exercise! These same people WILL start moving more once they start feeling better. Please, I beg of you, do NOT put the cart before the horse! Begin eating correctly TODAY! Does it make any sense at all for someone that is malnourished to begin a stressful exercise program? I don't think so!

Want to feel better? Focus on Food First. Be patient. Once you have gotten your health back then add a more strenuous exercise program to become fit, and not one day before.

Supplements? Not interested. If you focus on Food First, you will be buying the best produce and animal products that are available in your area. Guess what? You WON'T need supplements and your body will look and run better than ever before.

I realize that there are literally millions of websites that are teaching something contrary to what I am teaching you right now. TOO BAD.

Just take a good look around, does it really look like we are getting it right?

Are you seeing a lot of people who have attained Optimal Wellness?

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.”-Hippocrates

If more gyms were going to make a difference.

If more nutritionists were going to make a difference.

If more personal trainers were going to make a difference. THEY ALREADY WOULD HAVE!

Unfortunately, Western Medicine's reductionism science, agenda oriented research techniques, and unethical interpretations have exclusively “dominated” the Nutrition industry in the United States. And because of this, each of us is constantly bombarded by improper information. This does NOT lead to Optimal Wellness! Not a day goes by that we don’t still see the demonizing of such terms as: cholesterol, saturated-fat, “bad” carbohydrates, LDL, high-fat, low-carbohydrate, raw milk, and even egg yolks, etc. And just when you think it can’t get worse, we see the outrageous lofty placement of such terms as: low-cholesterol, low-fat, high-carbohydrate, HDL, skim milk, margarine, trans-fats, and even egg-beaters. This is NOT helping you in your endeavor to achieve optimal wellness. It is just plain confusing!

The truth is this; 1) Real whole food was never meant to be broken down into isolated nutrients. Real food should never be taken out of the context of a proper meal, and a proper meal should never be taken out of the context of a proper daily nutritional regimen. Name one society that has achieved optimal health from removing traditional foods from its diet and adding isolated nutrients in the form of supplements. Trust me, this country has tried, but has been hugely unsuccessful! 2) Heart disease and cancer are new phenomenon’s not old ones. The human body is wonderfully made, and unbelievably resilient, and if given a chance can give the majority of us not only a long life but one of quality as well. "Live Long" and "Live Well", I say.

But, enough is enough, you can’t continue throwing leaded gasoline in a high-octane fuel tank and expect any positive results. Our health and lives are far more valuable than any sports car. Right?

Detrimental fuel or food leads to very bad results. Sometimes even deadly results. Replacing the engine, brakes, or even the fender on a sports car will only put us back a few bucks. But we only have one body and one life so why abuse it like we can just get a new one at the shop?

Treat your body better than you would a fancy sports car and you will reap wonderful results.

Why? Because beneficial fuel or food leads to phenomenal results and Optimal Wellness!

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