How are you doing concerning achieving your goals?

Is this year any different than last?

Do you use January 1st as motivation?

Most of us have at least mentioned the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” or “Goals for this year”.

But honestly, why would this year be any better than last year?

What are you doing that will make you successful in achieving your resolutions and goals?

Do you ask yourself, not “what” are the resolutions or the goals, but “how” do I attain them?

Here are seven simple steps to help you achieve those “just out of your grasp” goals:

1. Be Specific

You cannot be general here. A general goal would be, “I am going to lose weight this year” or “I am going to work on my health”. A specific goal sounds like this, “I am going to lose 15 pounds” or “I am going to get my blood pressure into the healthy range”.

2. Write It Down

What would you like to “Have”, “Be”, or “Do”.

3. Set A Time

“What gets measured gets done!” Set a time so the goal is attained “on” or “before” a certain date. An example would be: “I am going to lose 15 pounds of fat by April 1st, 2006.

4. Read It Aloud

A good time for this is, once upon awakening, and once in the evening.

5. Take Action Now

This isn’t the time to procrastinate. Even with the best planning in the world you cannot succeed if you don’t take action.

6. Reward Yourself

Since goal setting is not a process that satisfies the desire for “instant gratification”, make sure to take time to celebrate when your goals are attained.

7. Set New Goals!

Why stop now? What once seemed unattainable may now be in your reach. Go back to step number one and improve yourself again, and again, and again.

Follow these seven simple steps and find yourself achieving your goals that have always escaped you in the past.