Lets do a Lifestyle Review which will include some very Basic Health Tips!

Tip #1:

Proper Nutrition is the most important component concerning improving your overall health and fitness levels.


How are you doing on the quality, frequency, and combining of your meals?

Tip #2:

Proper Resistance Training is the second most important component concerning improving your overall health and fitness levels. With proper resistance training you will drastically improve the way you look and feel. Resistance training is necessary for your metabolism, cardiovascular system, bone density, musculo-skeletal system, etc.


Are you receiving results from your program?

Tip #3:

I CANNOT tell you how important I believe this basic health tip is!

Cardiovascular training is highly overrated concerning your health and fitness levels. Now, if you are training for some sort of sporting event, now that is different. Hear this though; sporting events were not developed with your health in mind, as there are numerous potential risks. But if you are concerned just with health and wellness levels, quit the pounding on the body, and start focusing on your daily nutrition program and your resistance training workouts.


Have you prioritized you cardiovascular training ahead of nutrition and resistance training?

Tip #4:

Be honest with yourself concerning alcohol consumption. Simply put, even short-term or acute alcohol consumption destroys your ability to burn fat.


Is alcohol creating challenges with your life and your health?

Tip #5:

“If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Are you logging your food, liquids, and times so you have a better understanding of how your body is reacting to food?

Tip #6:

Value your metabolism. Once again, we are back to nutrition and resistance training. Excessive Cardiovascular Conditioning does not improve the metabolism, actually, over the long haul, just the opposite.


Are you doing everything necessary to improve your metabolism?

Tip #7:

Understand and constantly apply, “Brain Pain”.


What are you doing today, that you cannot feel (no instantaneous consequences), but you know the behavior is still creating a damaged metabolism for tomorrow?

Tip #8:

Improved Posture may lead to looking 10 year younger, 10 pounds lighter, 2 inches smaller around the waist, and even 2 inches taller. It doesn’t take a lot of work, and the rewards are too great to not make an effort.


Are you still prioritizing your abdominal workout over improving your posture?

Take a look at the previous basic health tips. Did you give answers that are conducive to you attaining optimal health? If not, what is stopping you?