Today I want to discuss being well vs. being fit. I really believe we may be missing the point concerning this topic.

The reason I say this is simple; unfortunately, and honestly, most people are striving to be fit and not well. Being fit may be achieving a specific look or physique, or the ability to compete at a certain level. Being well is dying of old age with no disease.

You see, if we are truly well, we live with a high quality our entire life (quantity). If we focus on being fit, and compromise our health (wellness) while attaining it, we move towards declining health and increased chance of disease.

So, being fit ultimately can decrease our quality of life and quantity of life if it is NOT prioritized correctly. With the focus on athletes and their willingness to sacrifice their health (and their lives) with the use of anabolic steroids/PED’s/Growth Hormone with the hope of improving their performance or longevity in the sport, it should make us think.

What habits do WE partake of daily that may be declining our health and speeding up the onset of disease? But we still rationalize these behaviors because they help us cope, look better, perform better, etc.?

Here are five simple behavioral addictions to look at that may be helping you achieve desired results today, but in the long run are going to be highly detrimental to your well-being.

Addicted to Caffeine

Addicted to Tobacco/Nicotine

Addicted to Artificial Sweeteners

Addicted to Cardiovascular Exercise

Addicted to Over the Counter or Prescription Drugs

These addictions have nothing to do with you being well!

Please take a quick inventory and see if your focus is really on attaining optimal wellness, or just being fit...No matter the cost!!!