If we only experienced instantaneous Brain Pain every time we did something to damage our health. If only...

Have you ever wondered why we constantly do things that we know are bad for us? I know I have. I constantly ask myself why this country is so self-destructive! Maybe you should also.

We know that putting toxins in our body will cause degeneration and accelerate the aging process.

We know that dieting slowly destroys our metabolism.

We know that chronic everyday stress leads to disease.

If we know all of these things, the why do we continue on with such destructive behaviors?

Well, obviously a lot of people believe they are just going to go through life unscathed. And, as true as that is (and how irresponsible that is to their family, our society and our Healthcare system), that is NOT who I am speaking to here.

The concept I want to introduce to you is “Brain Pain”…

Think about acute pain in our life for a second. You do something or have something done to you that creates instantaneous pain. You know what I am talking about; turning an ankle, burning yourself on the stove, cutting yourself with a razor, being badly burnt by the sun, etc., each action has a relatively quick reaction that warns you that that behavior is not beneficial.

Those instantaneous reactions create Brain Pain and awaken us to the understanding that we need to be more careful.

Bringing me to my point; I realize quite a few people still smoke even after they realize the risk behind the behavior, but now that there is a better understanding of the damage tobacco and nicotine can cause a good percentage have stopped with negative behavior. These “quitters” have created a proper “Brain Pain” concerning smoking. Though the pain was not instantaneous, it was going to be inevitable, and that inevitability is reason enough to develop beneficial habits.

Skipping breakfast, dieting, eating meals too high in protein, too high in carbohydrates, not getting adequate sleep, over-exercising, under-exercising, etc., are all negative and damaging chronic behaviors that do not create instantaneous Brain Pain. But still, because of their chronic nature, they can, and do create long term damage just like smoking. If you understand the “Boiled Frog” Syndrome, you know what I am talking about here. Poor behaviors lull us to sleep and before we know it, we have destroyed our health and cannot get it back. Ever!

The sciences of Endocrinology and Biochemistry show that our bodies cannot withstand years of unhealthy negligence, and at some point it will finally break down.

What is the answer?

Develop instantaneous Brain Pain concerning our chronic instantaneous gratification behaviors and develop a healthy plan for the future.

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