Understand, for the goals most people have, Cardiovascular Training is over-rated. Most people can get all the results they need from improving their nutritional and resistance training programs. Unless you are going to be competing in some athletic endeavor, your cardiovascular program may be doing you more harm than good. I am constantly telling my clients that athletics/sports were not created to improve peoples health, a matter of fact, in most cases, this type of training and athletic endeavor may be counter-productive concerning your health.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you believe that cardiovascular activity is equal to or more important than nutrition and resistance training?

Do you find yourself starting all your workouts with some sort of aerobic and cardiovascular activity?

Is the best part of your day the endorphin rush you receive during your cardiovascular bout?

Do you do over three hours of cardiovascular activity a week?

If you have found that you said yes to a number of the questions above, therein could be the major problem to you not achieving excellent results.

Things to do:

Improve your nutrition and resistance training program.

Begin to cut back on your frequency of cardiovascular activity.

Do not do your cardiovascular activity first thing in the morning without having had breakfast.

Understand this:

Constantly having neurotransmitters released during cardiovascular bouts tears your body down.

Being addicted to the everyday endorphin and adrenaline rush from excess exercise is not healthy.

Chronic stress on the joints will cause a plethora of challenges to the body, including repetitive stress syndromes.

A proper nutritional regimen and resistance training program builds the body up.

Short bouts of cardiovascular training has its place in attaining optimal health and wellness, but it must ALWAYS be placed behind proper food intake and beneficial movement for the musculoskeletal system.