I would like to explain away a common fitness misconception that is leading a number of people astray concerning attaining their goals.

Misconception: Magazines that promote professional bodybuilders and fitness models are accurate concerning resistance training and nutritional programming advice.

Reality: The typical fitness magazine that promote “freaky” physiques and super lean models by directing you to “their” diets, loaded with supplements, are not going to be beneficial for your health.

The truth is that the majority of these “professionals”, “experts”, and “models” don’t even write their own articles. Their programs are possible only when on drugs. And…their specialty is not in training, but in “pharmaceuticals”. There are “drug-free” bodybuilders and fitness competitors, and if actually drug tested (more than a polygraph), their understanding of attaining health and fitness goals might be more conducive to yours.

When looking to attain a health and fitness professional, look at the pictures in the magazines (if you must), but don’t read what is being said, because it is a “lie”. The popular fitness magazine didn’t get the name, “Muscle and Fiction” for nothing!

These should be the qualifications of your health and fitness professional:

Degreed in an Exercise Science. Or at least making an effort.

Certified with a “difficult” to attain personal training certification: NSCA, CHEK, ACSM, or even NASM. No weekend certifications please.

Specializes in your goal. No one is an expert in everything.

Insured. If they are working with you in a face to face manner, they must have insurance.

Professional and Ethical. Watch how they handle themselves with their clients and get some references if at all possible.

So, there you have it, one common fitness misconception that has been completely debunked. Hopefully, with the money, time and energy you will now save, you will put your focus on a plan that can and will really work for you!