Unfortunately, the majority of Diet Books are all about profit, not about your health.

There have never been more popular diets and books that accompany them at any time in the history of this country.

Think about it, why would that be? It’s simple... SUPPLY and DEMAND.

The world demands an easy fix and marketers quickly create a supply! Diet Books are just one of many ways we can waste our money.

I personally like the word “regimen” over “diet” (though I use them both) as the word diet quickly paints a picture in our mind of “restriction and deprivation”, as well as possibly a feeling of “desperation and failure”.

So when we take a look at these best-selling diet books promoting all sorts of diets and programs, we will be focusing on developing two things: 1) a new nutritional regimen that we can implement into any lifestyle and 2) concepts that will help us separate fact from fiction.

My goal for each of you is to help you develop a new-found approach creating new habits that will only impact your well-being positively.

When breaking down these Diet Books, here are Food First Wellness’ five concepts on “diets” or nutritional “regimens” that each book MUST adhere to:

1. All nutritional regimens should focus on HEALTH first, FITNESS second and AESTHETICS last. I find it disturbing that America is focused on the “size” of the gut instead of the “health” of the gut. A person consuming the proper daily regimen of food will experience an improved energy, mood and mental clarity, fullness and satisfaction will increase and once healthy, body-fat will decrease. Remember the initial focus here is well-being not weight-loss, so once your regimen begins to improve your health you will begin to receive all the benefits that come with proper nutrition, including a healthy emotional and mental well-being. Food should be viewed as a drug, if this drug is used properly you can expect excellent if not amazing results but if you use this drug improperly you can expect poor if not painful results.

2. All nutritional regimens MUST not only be “attainable” but “sustainable”. Programs that focus on only one macronutrient, like say carbohydrates or protein, or rely on deprivation may be attainable short-term, but most likely will not be sustainable long-term.

3. A nutritional regimen cannot be of the “cookie-cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” variety! Each of us has our very own biochemical individuality. It IS true that one specific nutritional regimen may make YOU healthy and give you the ability to become fit as well as drop unwanted body-fat, but do nothing for your child and actually makes your spouse fat and diseased.

4. Focusing primarily on the Law of Thermodynamics while dieting can cause more damage than good. If your primary focus is on caloric consumption you didn’t make it past concept number one and you will find yourself failing to reach the goals of improved health and fitness. Concerning food, there are three things that are more important than the quantity of food you consume daily: A. The quality of food that you are consuming, B. the combinations of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you consume at each meal and snack, and C. the frequency of meals consumed throughout the day.

5. The nutritional regimens MUST have worked in other societies. It is clear that America is trying to reinvent the wheel concerning promoting proper food intake with fad-diets, convenience and specialized non-foods as well as an abundance of wide-ranging supplements. Other than corporate profits I am not sure why, as there are dozens of cultures throughout history that have proven that by just eating foods indigenous to their tribe that it is possible for humans to live into their hundreds with vitality and no sign of disease, including dental caries, cancer and cardiovascular challenges. This reinventing the wheel approach has just left us relying on drugs and procedures while a healthy regimen of food could have, and has, prevented the majority of America’s health challenges!

All books on nutrition, not just diet books, need to pass the above standards to truly benefit your health. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I know how to eat, I just need to know how to exercise and drop this weight”.

This statement is sad as it never LOOKS like these people know how to eat.

So truth be told, they don’t know how to eat!

Unfortunately, exercise in our nation is being used primarily to make up for mistakes in our daily food intake. It is quite clear that over 99% of America DOES NOT know how and what to eat, if they did, they would eat properly and our WORLD wouldn’t be being overtaken by the pandemic of obesity and the plethora of other challenges that arise because of improper food intake. By the way, exercising cannot make up for the mistakes made with an improper nutritional regimen, but it can and may cover it up for a good period of time. This becomes more and more obvious as we age and our metabolism is gradually destroyed from chronic poor lifestyle choices. And unfortunately, diet books have not helped with the ongoing deception!

Here is a truth no one should forget concerning the importance of understanding proper food intake and implementing it into our life: Nothing is more important in regards to our aging and over all vitality!

In conclusion, don’t expect to attain optimal wellness from any diet book!