Displacement foods are exactly that; altered foods that are convenient that replace the real high quality foods in your diet.

Have you ever thought about how differently we eat today than when we used to “live off the land”? You know, when we used to kill our food by gun, bow and arrow, or catch it with a fishing pole? When we used to drink milk from “local” cows or goats in its raw state? And the fruits, vegetables and herbs we ate were picked that very day?

Some may think, “Look at how far we have come”. I would say, “Look how far we have gone”.

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that only a small percentage of people had cancer or heart disease. In a matter of fact, just 100 years ago, those terms were unheard of in many places all over the world (even numerous areas in this country). In those places, where tribes ate traditional foods, people would live a quality life up to the age of 120, and that is while fighting off all sorts of infections. But, because we are so far from our traditional regimen of foods, including: free-range game and wild-fish, raw dairy from grass eating cows and goats, and organic grains, vegetables and fruits in their natural state. We are now infested with all sorts of diseases, and have the inability to fight off even the most basic of infections, and unless we move away from the “modern” diet and move back to the “traditional” diet, we can only expect more of the same. Disease, Disease, and more Disease!

You see, drugs and procedures treat symptoms, so they are not cures; the only real cure is prevention. And, if you are diseased, get back to the basics of a “traditional” diet and avoid the “displacement” foods that caused the disease in the first place. Our best chance of improving our quantity and quality of life is to get back to what works, Traditional Foods. Remember: “An ounce of PREVENTION, is worth a POUND of cure”.

So, what has happened in America that we are in such poor health? Well, we began replacing foods loaded with essential nutrients with foods that are void of nutrients but full of calories. This small list below is what you could call “displacement foods”. These “displacement” foods have taken the place of our “traditional” foods:


White Flour

Pasteurized Milk

Canned Foods

Vegetable Oils

Each time you have a meal, and you eat something from the list above you are consuming calories at the expense of valuable nutrients. Our bodies have not evolved to the point of being able to properly digest and assimilate these supposed “foods”. Because these foods are so void of nutrients, they wreak havoc on our bodies as the body searches for nutrients to function. This whole process accelerates aging and disease.

Now the list of displacement foods is bigger and our health concerns are greater because of it. If these foods have become part your everyday nutritional regimen, it is only a matter of time before your metabolism is destroyed and you become diseased. Take a look at just a sampling of foods that are highly available today:

Boxed Cereals

Sports Bars

Fast Foods

Most Canned Foods

Micro-waved Foods

Majority of Packaged Foods

Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk and Pasteurized Juice

Most Processed Sandwich Meats

A High Percentage of Protein Drinks

All packaged Dessert Foods

The displacement foods list above is what most of the children today are growing up on, and as they are, the future of America that is a real concern. Obesity has passed smoking as the number one preventable killer in America today, and displacement foods are at the crux of the problem.

We need to get back to what works, getting back to our traditional diet and eating as hunters and gatherers and remove displacement foods from our daily regimen.