Goal: Drop Body Fat. But how?

The majority of the time, my clients will say one of their top goals is to “drop some unwanted body-fat”. I sincerely believe that the “calorie in, calorie out” approach to fat-loss, has been overly simplified, and may cause some long-term health issues (i.e. damaged metabolism). That being said, I would like to offer you a completely different view on how to drop those unwanted pounds.

Here’s how:

The concept is simple; make lifestyle changes that will keep you from continuing to put on that unwanted fat. We always seem to worry about doing everything it takes to try to burn the fat, but if we have not discontinued all the behaviors that are adding fat, we may not even be treading water (i.e. we may be sinking). Here is a short check list that you may want to look into concerning your pursuit to drop body fat levels.

Eat a balanced breakfast. Always. Stop the fast, or you will not burn fat. Period.

Know this: Alcohol is detrimental to your metabolism and its ability to burn body-fat. If you are not happy with your ability to drop body fat, but you are happy with your nutritional, resistance training, and cardiovascular/respiratory program, this could be the individual factor leading to your demise. My suggestions, taken from scientific literature (and my own personal opinion), move to red wine over spirits and beer, and then pick your spots more wisely. From their, be honest with yourself about the quantity and frequency. There could actually be a direct relationship with the fat around your mid-section and your alcohol intake.

Meal frequency. If you have been a chronic dieter (and now have a huge issue in dropping body fat) you need to consume a balanced meal or snack every three hours, or reap the consequences of a damaged metabolism. Do not let the body have a chance to even think about going into the proverbial “starvation” or “survival” mode. If you have not been a chronic dieter, look to eat every 3.5 to 4 hours a day.

No high-glycemic index meals. Make sure to balance each meal or snack with some quality protein, healthy fat, and fiber. By doing this the starch in your meal will be digested and absorbed much more slowly, decreasing the chance for an insulin response. Remember: Insulin is an anabolic hormone (i.e. store calories, do not burn fat).

To drop body fat you HAVE to control your insulin levels!

Avoid intake of refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Two reasons here: 1) Refined carbohydrates will quickly turn to blood sugar creating a sugar spike and an ensuing insulin response, and 2) Both refined carbohydrates and processed foods are void of the actual nutrients your body needs to survive. Creating the need for your body to over eat, not because of the lack of calories, but the lack of essential nutrients. Yes, you can have a hyper-caloric diet and still be severely malnourished.

No artificial sweeteners. I could create quite a list of all the side-effects of saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose, but that would, and should, be under another topic. You can look this one up, there is a direct relationship of the insurgence of low-fat, non-fat foods, and artificial sweeteners and the incline of obesity in the United States. Here is the issue with artificial sweeteners: The message sent from the brain to the gut is, “Here comes food, and it is sweet, start churning”. Later after no calories, let alone nutrients, the gut says to the brain, “You need to go get some food. NOW!” Alas, Overeating occurs.

So, there you have it; six different concepts to help you to not only drop body fat, but keep it off!