Do we really need all of the drugs? Prescription or Over-The-Counter, do we really NEED them? Seriously.

Renowned doctor and metabolic healing expert, Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, MD, believes degenerative diseases of aging are not genetic, but acquired. Food First Wellness AGREES; whole-heartedly. An improved lifestyle is disease preventative, it is proactive, and it is everything Food First Wellness stands for.

Dr. Schwarzbein (Suzanne Somers’ one-time Endocrinologist) teaches that the majority of degenerative diseases are acquired from poor eating and lifestyle habits, not from your parents.

So why, as obesity and disease are running rampant in our nation, are the only remedies that seem to be gaining more momentum is the development of new drugs? Why isn’t PREVENTION the key word concerning the US’s Healthcare reform? Why are prescription drugs and insurance?

How can this be?

Instead of chasing symptoms with the newest drugs on the market, and wondering what the side effects are going to be, why not fight the onset of disease with what has proven to work, proper nutrition and exercise? You want real insurance. Insure yourself that you will be as healthy as possible at all times because of a quality lifestyle that breeds optimal health! Now THAT is insurance.

Food First Wellness believes that by combining ; a high quality food regimen, a low risk and high efficiency exercise program, reducing chronic stress, receiving proper sun exposure and nightly sleep, that you can not only reverse disease but also keep yourself free of disease as well.

It is called attaining Optimal Wellness through a lifestyle of quality choices.

Do you know how to combine the foods in your meals for the best hormonal responses?

Do you know what basic nutrients you are missing from your current nutritional program?

Do you know the impact of improper sleep patterns on your metabolic health?

Do you know how the toxic chemicals we consume daily accelerate our aging patterns?

Do you receive the results from your exercise regimen that you desire?

If you answered a resounding “NO!” to any of the above questions, there is a great chance that your body is aging much quicker than it needs to.

As Obesity overtakes Smoking as the number ONE preventable killer in the United States, there are a number of degenerative diseases that can be arrested by living a proper lifestyle. These diseases include: abnormal cholesterol levels, cancer, dementia, depression, early menopause, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, and type II diabetes.

Another excellent example of our ever increasingly rate of degeneration because of our lifestyles is the outrageous number of youth that have been diagnosed with Adult-Onset Diabetes, some as young as 6, yes 6.

Food First Wellness wants to help those who want to help themselves by prioritizing prevention. Say “Yes” to an improved lifestyle and “No” to drugs!