Why is it that when someone says that they are going to get into shape, they mean “dieting, and more exercise”? Do you realize that that type of getting into shape and becoming healthy are probably not even in the same ballpark concerning your well-being?

Why is it then that we equate being healthy with losing weight by decreasing calories and increasing exercise? Well, it is probably one of these three things:




It is possible to get into shape without destroying your health trying, but today, you do need to be very discerning. Okay, lets go a little deeper in how you can be lead astray.


Well, there is one major misconception, and that is that being thinner is being healthier. WRONG. You can be just as unhealthy being underweight and under muscled as you can be overweight and under muscled. Healthier is healthier; people need to understand that there is no direct correlation with being thin and being healthy. Here are some examples of unhealthy skinny people: a professional model who is a chronic dieter, a lifetime smoker, a middle aged woman who over exercises, a young college student who lives on coffee and artificial sweeteners, etc. You see, it is very easy to find lifestyles that develop a small physique, but sooner or later these habits will develop disease, even though they are small


Obesity is now going to pass smoking as the number one preventable killer in the United Sates. Yes, it is not healthy to be obese, but the approach of cutting calories and increasing exercise can be detrimental to your health. If someone is unhealthy, why would decreasing the number of nutrients consumed be a proper approach? If someone is de-conditioned, why would creating a caloric deficit through increased caloric expenditure be beneficial to their health? Yes, there are beneficial approaches to nutrition and exercise to improve wellness levels, but just cutting calories and increasing exercise is not it. Most people don’t know that they can be malnourished even while consuming over 5,000 calories, how much easier to be malnourished if you just cut your calories under 1500? Others don’t realize that for most people exercise programs should be implemented slowly to keep ones’ self from injury, burnout, and even worse, disease.


Yes, all the misconceptions and misunderstandings are fed into a frenzy by the media, big-money fitness facilities, infomercials, and under educated fitness professionals. I realize that most women get the majority of their supposed “health” information from fitness magazines, and most people searching for desired change will get it from the television, but that is exactly why we are in such a difficult, and sad situation now.

So, you still want to get into shape?

My goal is to help you understand the truth, to help you get your health back, and enable you to spot the “counterfeits” that promise great result, but may not have your best interests in mind.

Lets get into shape!