Attaining Optimal Wellness. Could it be as easy as creating Healthy Habits? Well, if you look at life expectancy... it is clear it CAN’T hurt!

The World Health Organization ranked the United States 24th in life expectancy amongst 191 countries. The top ten in life expectancy, listed from top to bottom, are: Japan, Australia, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Monaco, and Andorra (I have seen some studies listing Andorra number one with a life expectancy of over 83 years!).

What are some daily lifestyle choices, that these countries are making that we may be missing out on?


Eat plenty of produce and whole grains (and legumes).

Who does this: China and Greece.

Special Point: These countries use meat products as a garnish, which interestingly enough, Thomas Jefferson recommended as well.

Side Note: If you are planning to eat Chinese cuisine in this country, it MUST be traditional fare (which is NOT as easy to find as you might think), not of the fast-food variety.


Savor leisurely dining.

Who does this: Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Japan.

Special Point: Some of these countries take a couple hours to eat their largest meal of the day.

Side Note: Discourage overeating and improve digestion by SLOWING down while consuming your meals.


Practice portion control.

Who does this: France and Japan.

Special Point: Concerning food, it isn’t just Texas where everything is BIGGER. The food servings in the United States are ridiculously large compared to other countries.

Side Note: Try to quit eating when you are 80% full, or when you get the first “pang” of fullness. Also, put your fork down in between each bite to help yourself determine this fullness.


Eat a variety of unprocessed, fresh foods.

Who does this: Italy, France, Greece and Japan.

Special Point: The availability of unprocessed food in the United States is unbelievable, we just need to understand and believe in the value of unprocessed and fresh foods versus processed non-foods.

Side Note: Shop predominately on the outside aisles of the grocery store and avoid the processed food aisles at all costs.

It will take a real effort for this country to improve upon its “unhealthy” status. Once again, real Healthcare is prioritizing prevention the MAJORITY of the time.

So, you can improve your health and the health of your family by beginning to implement a few of the simple lifestyle choices listed above.