My biggest pet-peeve... EVER. “The Law of Thermodynamics” and how this “supposed” health and fitness law is the best way to lose weight. People, this law may work in the lab with test tubes, but it falls way short when applied to humans.

Sure, you may gain some fat with a 5000 calorie a day nutritional program. But, did you ever think you could gain fat when you only consume 500 calories a day? Well, you can, and people do it all the time.

Actually, what the Law of Thermodynamics actually says, and what people think that means are two different things. The problem is, you don't have any idea how many calories your body burns. Plus, you don't know what percentage of the calories burn are fat or sugars. So, there is a little more to it than just telling someone to create a caloric deficit by decreasing calories and increasing expenditure. Why?

Here are some ways that you can gain fat while restricting calories:

Chronic dieting

Not consuming an appropriate amount of quality protein

Not consuming an appropriate amount of quality fat

High cortisol levels

Skipping meals

Not eating breakfast

Not taking part in a resistance training program

Over training with cardiovascular activity

Creating inappropriate hormonal responses with the food you do consume

Creating inappropriate hormonal responses with your everyday habits

Or, a combination of any or all of the above.

One final point, how come nobody questions the logic in this quote from the personal trainer at the local chain fitness center?

“To get you in shape (lose weight) we are going to reduce your calories, and have you burn the excessive calories to create a caloric deficit. And because you will be consuming less calories we will get you on a One A Day vitamin/mineral supplement (synthetic, and not highly absorbed, possibly toxic) to give you more nutrients to make up for your decreased caloric intake.”


Foods that are used in these type of programs are deficient of nutrients

Labeled Low-fat and Non-fat foods are man-made and beyond being deficient in nutrients, including enzymes, the body has a difficult time in recognizing them as a food

Synthetic Vitamins/Minerals at a high-dose are like drugs and will have side effects

If you are considered unhealthy, does decreasing your nutrient intake make sense?

If you are de-conditioned, does cutting your calories and nutrients, and then adding exercise seem like the best thing?

A calorie is NOT a calorie

Well, I could go on with my issues with the Law of Thermodynamics in the health and fitness industry, but I just wanted to make this point.

If you hear a fitness professional stressing it is ALL about the Law of Thermodynamics; you might just know more about proper nutrition than they do.