Our lives are full of choices; these lifestyle choices will either be beneficial for our health or detrimental. There is no such thing as a “neutral” choice, or a choice that does not reap what you have sowed. On some level, our lifestyle choices will either be BENEFICIAL or DETRIMENTAL. The more we can string together positive choices the faster we can improve our health and fitness levels, but to the contrary, the more we string together negative choices the faster the accumulation of these choices destroy our metabolisms and create disease. Here is a list of some of the most basic lifestyle choices today that are add up fast in creating accelerated aging issues. Each choice is followed by an option to help create a healthy daily regimen versus the daily unhealthy rut:

Skipping breakfast-Make an effort to consume a meal, no matter how small, which is balanced with a good source of protein.

Consuming only one type of Macro-nutrient per meal-Eat a meal that has some quality protein, healthy fat, real carbohydrate and a non-starchy vegetable.

Skipping meals-Always have leftovers around so that you won’t go over four hours without eating.

Consuming “Displacement” Foods*-Eating real whole foods that you can pick, gather, fish or hunt, will help you improve your health.

Consuming “Altered” Foods**-Consuming foods in there natural state is what the body desires and your body will thank you for it.

Being Dehydrated-Drink purified water throughout the day, and do not drink water from the tap unless properly filtered.

Under-eating-Know that your body will burn muscle and store fat if you don’t give it the proper calories it needs. By consuming extra snacks and meals throughout the day you will begin to heal your metabolism.

Over-eating-The human body can only create so much heat per hour, so the only option if you want to eat more is to eat six small to moderate size meals.

Not getting the proper Quantity of sleep-Nothing is more important than healing physically and mentally with a good nights sleep.

Not getting the proper Quality of sleep-Not sleeping through the night? Cut out the stimulants, synthetic light and water intake earlier.

Not getting the proper Quantity and Quality of Sun-Remember, no burning. But the proper level of sun exposure can benefit your health on numerous levels.

The use of toxins-Develop a program to taper off so you can avoid them completely.

Over-exercising-Balance your program out with some resistance training and flexibility training if you find yourself addicted to the cardiovascular endorphin rush.

Under-exercising-Walking is a great start if you are not moving at all.

*Displacement Foods:

Refined and Processed Flour

Refined and Processed Sugar

Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk

Vegetable Oils

Canned Goods

**Altered Foods:

Baked Goods

Soft Drinks

Commercialized Snack Foods

Fast Food

Pre-Sugared Breakfast Cereals

Pre-Prepared/Convenience Foods

If any number of the above lifestyle choices has become a habit for you, begin to replace them with better choices and watch your health, energy levels and physique/figure improve.

Poor choices, when made together and in any combination will create a synergistic effect on your health that can be devastating. At the same time, when you are making good choices, this same synergy can work for you with truly amazing results.