Two concepts that I find to be of utmost importance when creating a proper nutrition and exercise regimen for my clients are: BALANCE and PATIENCE.

You see, you are only going to be able to achieve your goals in a safe and healthy manner if approach them with a balanced approach. This balanced approach will take patience and an understanding that a damaged metabolism takes time to heal. If you do not have a damaged metabolism now you can easily create one with a program that focuses on quick and fast results.

If you are not taking an approach to your health that is one of balance and patience you will be creating more damage than good. A desirable goal is to be “healthy, and fit”, or even just “healthy”. Unfortunately, people focus on being “fit” and sacrifice their health because they are impatient and create a program that is out balance. You can be healthy and not fit and you can be fit and not healthy, I am advocating that you focus on your health first and fitness level second, if at all.

If your idea of being fit is that of looking like a bodybuilder and that is your primary goal, you can actually destroy your metabolism trying to attain that lean physique/figure. If your idea of being fit is running a marathon and that is your primary goal, you can actually create all sorts of havoc on your Musculo-Skeletal and Endocrine systems trying to attain that extreme level of physical conditioning. If your idea of being fit is that of looking like a runway model and that is your primary goal, you can actually ruin your health trying to attain that specific look. You see, any endeavor (nutrition and exercise) worth achieving must be approached in a safe and effective manner, one of balance and patience.

If not, you may find yourself further from your optimal state of health than ever before.

So, let’s take a look at some concepts that make up a proper lifestyle regimen of balance and patience. I am assuming that you want to be healthy first and then fit.


Consume small frequent meals vs. skipping meals

Drink water vs. sports drinks

Eat real whole food vs. drinking your meals

Focus on resistance training vs. aerobic training

Create a “burning furnace” mentality vs. “burning calories” mentality

Prioritize a proper sleep program, as it creates an environment of repair and recovery vs. thinking chronic high stress levels have nothing to do with your health (because they do)


It didn’t take a day to destroy your metabolism so you should know it will take a good amount of time for it to heal

Attaining good health is a “marathon” not a “100 meter dash”

Focus on the process of getting your health back, not the results

Understand that after the age of 30, on average, our bodies do not recover as well as they had when we were younger

There is NO such thing as “health” or “fitness” in a bottle

You should be cautious of programs that promise not only “fast” and “easy” results, but “unbelievable” results as well

Concerning nutrition and exercise, we Americans find ourselves being the country of “instant gratification”. Instant gratification has no place in our nutrition and exercise regimen as it leads to detrimental nutrition and exercise programs.

Be patient and take the balanced approach to attaining your optimal health!