What basic concepts must you follow to create a nutritional regimen, a proper diet that you can follow forever, and have the long term benefits of improved health, well-being and vitality?

Here are some simple fine-tuning guidelines that will help when developing this “proper regimen”. In order to lose body-fat you must improve your meal frequency (never go longer than four hours without eating), the quality of food that you consume (move to organically farmed, wild fish and free-range animal products, including eggs), and understand that every meal creates a Ph and hormonal response. Lastly, you must begin to really fine-tune your meal combination by recognizing foods that make you feel good and those that make you feel tired, achy, or just plain bad.

I have found in working with my clients that keeping in mind these following elements to a successful nutritional regimen will help you create meals that will be beneficial for you. We all have our own biochemical individuality, so no two people should be on the same regimen (diet) unless their like metabolisms call for it. Understanding that everybody will have their very own “best” fuel-mixture, you need to begin to pay attention to the best combination of proteins and carbohydrates for you and your family.

One food can be a “medicine” for one person and a “poison” for another, so we need to be very conscious of how these mixtures of foods make us feel.

Always keep in mind that 1-2 hours after eating your meal, you should feel noticeably better than before you ate. Take a good look at how the meal affected your 1) appetite and cravings, 2) energy levels, and 3) mental and emotional well-being. If these indicators are not improved, you have eaten a meal with the wrong mixture for you. If you feel great, then you have found a proper mixture for your individual metabolism. Once you have found that proper mixture, you want to duplicate it as much as possible throughout the day.

It is very important to take your reactions to food seriously because if you don’t feel well after a meal, you can be poisoning your body with unbalanced Ph levels and hormonal responses. By continuously eating meals that have the wrong protein/carbohydrate ratio you are setting yourself up for accelerated aging and disease. But if after your meals, you are feeling satisfied and with no cravings, with improved energy and well-being, with a sense of feeling refueled and restored, you can be confident that you are improving your chances for an improved quality and quantity of life.

Here is an exercise that I have all of my clients go through when first establishing a wellness program, and creating a beneficial nutritional regimen.

Start a nutritional log.

Track every meal for time, frequency, and content, and then note your body’s response one hour later.

Do this for five days. It will become evident which food combination are good for YOU and which foods are not.

By following this simple exercise you can begin to eat meals that are a proper mixture for you, and you will find that you will not be hungry, that you can and will actually

eat less food and that this new nutritional regimen will have you feeling better and looking better than ever before.