Today we are going to focus on simple practical steps to help you attain your goals of optimal health!

Eat a quality Breakfast:

Not only eat a breakfast of real food, but try to consume it within an hour of waking. You will want to consume a quality protein and a quality carbohydrate for breakfast (at least). Eating anything from a hard boiled free-range egg and a slice of real whole grain bread (not enriched), to consuming a combination of a small portion of your favorite meat product (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, etc.) and a small cup of slow-cooked oatmeal will work here. The options for a healthy and nutritious breakfast are endless, and they DO NOT come in a cardboard box. Eating a nutritious breakfast is important for a number of reasons; including an improved metabolism and balancing your stress hormones! If you are not hungry early in the day, your metabolism has already been altered in a bad way, so start with snack like proportions. Once you begin to wake up ravenous you will begin to notice an increase in energy and in a loss of body-fat. As far as instant impact on your life, this practical step has no peer!

If you like Coffee…WAIT before consuming:

Caffeine, a drug and toxin, can cause all sorts of negative responses within the body and to limit these you should wait until you begin eating your breakfast, or have finished your breakfast, to additionally fuel up with your Cup-Of –Joe. Your chances of keeping your sugar, insulin, adrenaline and cortisol levels in check will improve if you wait until you’re eating, or have eaten your first meal of the day before you “super-charge” your batteries with your daily caffeine consumption (the same could be said for alcohol consumption combined with your last meal of the day). Creating fat-loss is very difficult, if not impossible, if you are having issues with your sugar, insulin, adrenaline and cortisol levels (you know what, I am being too nice, FAT-LOSS is IMPOSSIBLE without keeping these levels under control)! And of course, you could always avoid coffee completely, which many might consider the best practical step available.

Do something for yourself EARLY and OFTEN:

With my years of experience in this industry I am seeing more people getting busier and busier and these people seem to be de-prioritizing “their” needs first to make up for the “not enough time in the day” syndrome. This is a mistake in my opinion; everybody should do something for themselves before they begin to put others needs before their own. A perfect way to do this is to get a short workout in before the worries and business of the day cause challenges for your energy and direction. For most people it is very difficult to workout after work because things just get in the way or people find themselves “drained”. An early workout will not only improve one’s metabolism, lift one’s energy levels, increase mental clarity but because of this, will help with overall day to day productivity. If you schedule in a short workout early, your chances of canceling this appointment will greatly decrease, meaning that you will be able to workout more often, which will greatly increase your chances of improving your results and attaining your goals.


so you haven’t even been awake an hour and you now have three practical steps to improve your health and your life.