After optimal nutrition, what’s next?

Understand, Proper Resistance Training (RT) is Key.

Here is the “NO BRAIN, no gain” approach vs. the “No Pain, no Gain” approach.

It isn’t “what” you are doing that matters, it is “how” you are doing what you are doing that matters. Proper RT is much different than strength training, as it focuses on proper biomechanics vs. just moving a bar and weight around.

Proper RT is the most effective and safest type of training when focusing on adding muscle and dropping body-fat.

Let me ask you a few questions:

When you train, are you concerned more with the amount of weight moved over that of your technique?

On each exercise, do you know the proper range of motion, path of motion, and plane of motion?

Do you have a proper understanding of sets, repetitions, tempo, and time under tension to best help you receive results?

Do you think going to failure is the best way to train with weights?

If you have found that you said yes to a number of the questions above, therein could be the major problem to you not achieving excellent results.

Things to do:

Focus on contracting the specific goal muscle each repetition.

The tempo of the movement should always be slow enough as to keep the load on the contractile tissue and not on the connective tissue. Momentum is NOT your friend.

A proper range of motion in the weight room should NEVER put stress on a joint. Ever. You are gaining strength, not stretching!

Create a stimulus for the body, or specific goal muscle, and then rest and recover with proper sleep and nutrition.

Every repetition should be perfect, so your mechanics should never suffer to “get that last rep”.

Some type of resistance training, combined with an optimal nutritional program, will garner the best results in the safest and most efficient manner.