The movement of Slow Food, versus that of Fast Food is one that I hope catches on. Talk about a movement that could really put a dent in our Healthcare issues. This movement could severely impact the health of our young people as well as the old. In my opinion, there is no downside to this movement.

“Fast” and “food” should rarely be used together, as this “supposed” food is low in cost, high in calories and deficient in nutrients. This “unholy trinity” of truth will lead you to health issues every time, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity. “Fast” and “food” are a total contradiction of terms.

Where is the value in a meal that can produce over five thousand calories and costs barely more than a couple of dollars?

Honestly, is your time that valuable that you will compromise your health now and mortgage your future later?

The most important thing you have today is your health, the health of your spouse and your children, the health of your entire family. People will put the best quality, most expensive fuel in their vehicle but do not value their body, health, and energy levels enough to give it the same consideration.

So, it is nice to see this new movement of “slow food” coming to America, because it demonstrates that we are beginning to understand the value of proper nutrition on our lives. America has introduced the fast-food industry to other countries, and after devastating results, these countries are not happy about it. Countries worldwide are taking a stand and holding on to what has worked in the past, Slow Food. Slow food is an excellent phrase because it helps us see the importance in cooking real whole food and reaping the benefits from its high nutritional value. Most people are beginning to understand that the microwave is of no benefit other than to save time. Beyond producing destructive very low electro-magnetic waves, the intense heat also denatures and destroys a good amount of the nutritional value that the “nuked” food once had. If cooking food with a low to moderate even temperature worked in the past it will work now.

If you find that over 20% of your daily nutrition choices are coming from foods that are considered “fast”, “convenience”, or even “pre-packaged” you will find your health will decline. It isn’t a matter of “if”, but “when”. Begin to make an effort to consume real, whole, nutritious foods that are gently cooked to better hold their nutritional value. Start using a lunch box and consume leftovers for snacks and lunch-time meals. In the end, your body will thank you for moving away from “fast food” to “slow food”.

Optimal Wellness can be attained; let the Slow Food movement help you in that process.