The supposed truths behind the concept of spot-reduction are more than a little "spotty"!

Wow, you would think by now that we could discern the truth from an out-and-out falsehood when we see it. But to be honest with you, I am not sure we want to see the truth, as there is nothing “sexy” about good old-fashioned hard work. I am not talking about the “no pain, no gain” hard work, which is useless and often detrimental to our health, but the “non-sexy” just being disciplined with our lifestyle choices for a good period of time hard work. The concept of improving a number of lifestyle principles in one’s life is normally overlooked because it will take time and some effort to achieve desired results.

One of the top approaches for health and fitness marketing gurus to sway you to purchase their product or follow their program is the principle of spot-reduction.

Amazingly the wellness magazines, not bodybuilding magazines where you would expect such an approach, that I have been gleaning my info from for these blogs covering “selling the sizzle” are stock-full of examples. This specific magazine, in back-to-back months had cover page titles of “Burn Belly Fat in Six Easy Moves” and “Shrink Your Belly in Three Easy Moves”. Hmmm, that’s a lot of easy moves to achieve such difficult a goal.

Who wouldn’t want to believe that?

When you turn to the articles that promise such wonderful and simple results, you find the experts leading you through 9 exercises that are based primarily on just moving, not moves based on kinesiology or scientific facts. We have been led to believe that “just moving” as well as twisting and crunching is all that is needed to “BURN BELLY FAT” or “SHRINKING YOUR BELLY”.

Wrong, oh so very wrong.

If this was the case, than the aerobics craze of the 80’s would have left our nation as the most lean, hard-bodied country in the world.

That just didn’t happen. Why? Because that approach doesn’t work, as there is so much more to dropping a person’s body-fat than just burning more calories.

Actually, that supposed fitness revolution left more people diseased (because of over-training) and injured (because of repetitive stress syndrome) than you can imagine!

So, here are some truths concerning dropping body-fat around the waist:

There is no such thing as spot-reduction.

Once you are in your late 20’s, a proper nutritional program is more important than an exercise program for fat-loss.

Over-exercising, or doing aerobics chronically, can lead to a higher percentage of fat around the waste.

If you have a damaged metabolism and you over-exercise you will drop muscle and add fat to your frame.

Core exercises are more important than exercises that focus on abdomen and/or internal/external oblique isolation.

The only way to drop fat around the waste is to reduce the fat over your entire body. So, there you have it, a rebuttal to the “sizzle” of spot-reduction that dominates the health and fitness industry today. Take a look at the real “steak” concerning spot-reduction and begin to work on reducing your body-fat with a proper, and balanced, nutritional and resistance training program.