Enough is enough. Are we really taking responsibility for our health concerns, or are we blaming our poor health and fitness levels on everybody and everything other than ourselves?

I would like to talk about something so simple…yet, it goes as possibly the number one factor if someone is going to reach their goals their goals or not.

So, what is it?


That’s it. Simple. We don’t really want to take responsibility of our own health, we would rather rely on a drug, a procedure, an infomercial, a new diet, or even supposedly super-supplement. These are all irresponsible approaches to attaining optimal wellness, and in many cases these choices leave us disease, if not dead. It is time... take responsibility of your own health. Now.

I personally believe that the majority of America is diseased because of lifestyle, NOT genetics. But, boy oh boy, if you say that to somebody who loves their drugs; look out. By the way, if drugs are so great, how come America is the number one drug user (by far), but we don’t even rank in the top 30 in life expectancy (sickest country, possibly?)? If drugs are working so well, why are they not improving our quantity of life, as we all know these drugs are definitely not improving our quality of life? Remember, for the first time since the inception of the drug age, because of the poor health of our children, we as Americans are not living longer. The children of America are not being left much of a legacy.

Accept this statement. 80-90% of Disease in America is created by our lifestyle. This statistic leaves only 10-20% of diseases being caused because of our genetic make-up.

What does that mean?


How is your nutritional program?

How much sleep do you get a night? What is your daily stress level?

Are you consuming toxic chemicals?

Do you partake of a smart exercise program?

If you do take hormones, are they bio-identical?

Take an honest assessment of your life and how you answered the previous questions. Then, take responsibility, and make the appropriate changes to improve your health and well-being.

By taking responsibility, disease will not get the opportunity to take hold of your quality or quantity of life.