So, what exactly is WELLNESS?

Well, I believe it is what EVERYBODY should be striving to achieve today!

It is far more than not getting sick or diseased. It is when you are so healthy that you live your life with a certain vitality, your life exudes an ultra-exuberance.

This state of health actually enables you to get everything out of yourself that is humanly possible!

How do we attain this high level of health?

We need to think far beyond being “healthy” and being “fit”. Healthy isn’t a strong enough of a word (just being free of disease and/or sickness), and being fit can be attained while not being healthy(thin, but sick/diseased). This high level of health is not achieved in the gym, but the other 150+ hours in the week, while you are eating, breathing, sleeping, walking in the sun, etc. 24/7/365!

So my question to you is this, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, how would you rate your:

Sleep patterns? (8 hours a night?)

Quality of sleep? (Achieving Deep and REM sleep?)

Stress management? (Do you feel rejuvenated upon awaking in the morning?)

Quality of intake of water? (purified, trace minerals, no chlorine)

Quantity of water intake? (drink and sip purified water throughout the day)

Proper amount of sun exposure? (Daily, your skin, your eyes, no burning)

Proper oxygen intake? (Proper daily movement and breathing patterns)

Proper daily walking regimen? (This is NOT your exercise; but it is needed, none the less)

”Walking is man’s best medicine.” -Hippocrates

How did you do?

Low scores will greatly increase your chances of developing degenerative disease.

Begin today in valuing proper sleep, water intake, sun exposure, daily walking, stress management, and deep breathing. By doing so, and combined with a proper nutritional regimen, you will give yourself a real opportunity to attain optimal health.