No Time? No Problem! Welcome to the Era of Convenience Foods!

These are interesting times! We live in a time where there seems to be every type of time-saving technological device possible. Yet, there still doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Because of this dilemma, people normally create extra time in the day by making repetitive lifestyle choices that create long-term health problems. Three are of these lifestyle choices are; not eating a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner.


People no longer value the first and most important meal of the day enough to schedule time around putting it together and sitting down to eat it. If we truly understood the havoc that this bad habit creates on our health we would certainly re-prioritize what is really important.


Following the growing trend in America of passing on breakfast; lunch has become even that much more important. But, because of time constraints, this meal is purchased and consumed as quickly as possible.


As the evening approaches, and the majority of America hasn’t consumed one item that even resembles a nutritious food, it is good to know that there will be time to finally sit down around the table with the family and enjoy a real whole-food meal. Unfortunately…that is not the case. Because of traffic, work, school events, meetings, etc, there once again is no time to prepare a meal that will provide the proper nutrients to your body for optimal health.

So, here is what is happening in America to take up the slack of our time-deficient country: CONVENIENCE FOOD.

No time for a nutritious breakfast? No problem, boxed cereal to the rescue. Most people don’t realize that, yes, there has been a study done where rats WERE healthier after eating the cereal box rather than eating its contents.

No time for lunch? No problem, your favorite fast-food drive-thru to the rescue. Most people confuse calories with nutrition and that is a horrible mistake. There is nothing “valuable” about purchasing a 5,000 calorie meal for fewer than five dollars. If you want your body to flourish and run optimally it is time to avoid foods that have been refined, enriched and are of poor quality.

No time for dinner? No problem, your options are endless…and fast. But once again, if you, and your family, are consuming foods that are cheap and of low quality, how can you not expect this lifestyle choice not to ultimately destroy your metabolism and overall health?

It is clear with grab-and-go foods that convenience trumps nutrition. There are some things that should be convenient, but 80% of the time (100% if you are already diseased), food should NOT be one of them. So, not only are the times interesting, but they are also very SCARY. Why? Because there are beginning to be all sorts of new convenience foods on the market that are being labeled and advertised as healthy. We are talking about a billion dollar market and money talks. Please understand this: Marketers know you have time constraints and they know as a county we are struggling with health issue. Honestly, what do you think these marketers motivation is? Your health or your pocket book?

What products do you think these companies will try to sell you, and why? They will sell you CONVENIENCE FOODS BECAUSE THEY ARE FAST, perfect for people with no time.

How do you think they will do it?

They will tell you that Convenience Foods are HEALTHY AND GOOD FOR YOU. Don’t believe it!