Interested in Human Growth Hormone? Read all of the hype?

HGH therapy may be one of the most unnatural things you can do to your body!

One of the most misunderstood aspects about our health today is the little chemical messengers we call…HORMONES! As men, we know a little bit about the affects of TESTOSTERONE, and women seem to know a little bit about the affects of ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE as they are our primary sex hormones. We realize as we age we may become deficient in naturally producing these hormones, which will lead to ANDROPAUSE for men, and MENOPAUSE for women. At the moment when men and women reach that time in their lives when their hormones are NOT being produced properly, they may go through a period of not feeling right, as there are a plethora of symptoms from low levels of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

I believe in replacing hormones ONLY when you are not producing that hormone sufficiently and only taking hormones that are bio-identical, not SYNTHETIC. Physicians can now help you understand your levels of your primary hormones; INSULIN and CORTISOL, and your secondary hormone levels; testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. We function best when these hormones are at optimal levels and ratios.

Interestingly enough, one hormone that seems to be getting the majority of the “buzz” these days is HGH, human growth hormone, or just plain growth hormone. It doesn’t seem that a day goes by that you won’t receive some sort of SPAM or non-invited advertisement to try out the latest HGH product on the market through the internet. HGH is the most controversial of ALL of the hormones. Though it can work, by adding muscle and improving recovery time from exercise, the question is; “can it work without having some drastic side-effects?” HGH is a preferred drug of professional athletes and bodybuilders, but at what cost to their long term health? At what cost to anyone’s health…period?

The debate on HGH becomes cloudy as some of the opponents to HGH therapy contend that we quit producing it naturally after adolescence and that any therapy using HGH after this important time of growth will have unwanted side-effects. HGH therapy, until recently, used to be reserved primarily for helping aid the growth of dwarves. The HGH used in that therapy was intravenous, very expensive and always monitored by a doctor. The HGH therapy that professional athletes and bodybuilders use is the same intravenous and expensive therapy, but much of the time, lacking the monitoring of a qualified physician. Today, you can find this supposed HGH everywhere, even in inexpensive pills, and definitely without a doctor’s prescription. The claims from the benefit of this hormone are anything from, “FIND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”, to “LOOK BETTER THAN EVER, FEEL YOUNGER THAN EVER…NOW”, and everything in between. Though these “supplements” (this market is not highly regulated) are inexpensive, and MAY even reap some short-term benefits, I would recommend that you stay away from all unprescribed hormones and precursors to hormones. We should only “mess” with our body chemistry with a trained professional monitoring our hormonal levels. This is very serious stuff, as you may not live to regret it.

Human Growth Hormone can be effective, and safe, if created naturally within the body. Don’t be preyed upon by the “GET RESULTS FASTER THAN POSSIBLE” Industry as you may find yourself creating some damage that you may find difficult to reverse.