Forget the drugs! MAKE your body release Human Growth Hormone naturally.

So you would like to add some muscle, drop some body-fat, improve your metabolism and even feel a little younger. Can’t be done in as little as ten to twenty minutes a day, right? Not so!

You can actually improve your health and fitness levels by creating natural Human Growth Hormone responses. Research has found that growth hormone can, and will, be released from the pituitary gland if one, or any combination of the following four thresholds are reached:

Yes, you can safely increase your growth hormone levels by reaching specific physiological thresholds.

Oxygen Deficit

Lactic Acid Burn

Increased Body Temperature

Adrenaline Response

(Have a doctor’s approval before starting any exercise program)

First let’s create a brief understanding of each of these four thresholds.

The Threshold of Oxygen Deficit-You must workout at a level that you begin to breathe very hard. If you create the experience where you are having a difficult time “catching your breath” you are probably in an oxygen deficit.

The Threshold of Lactic Acid Burn-You know the sensation of pain in the calves or quadriceps that feels like they are actually “burning”? This experience is an indicator of a lactic acid build-up.

The Threshold of Increased Body Temperature-Your goal here is to develop a sweat, the more the better.

The Threshold of an Adrenaline Response-You should experience a stimulatory response that should surge through your body. This “amped” feeling will feel like a natural high that will last only for a short period of time.

Any one of these thresholds reached during a cardiovascular or resistance training workout will reap the benefits of growth hormone.

To achieve phenomenal results from this approach you must create a synergy from all of these thresholds at one time. This way you will receive the benefits where the sum will be greater than all of the parts.

You can see this same synergy from the effects of a proper nutritional program:

Improved Quality of Food

Improved Frequency of Meals

Improved Combination of Macro-nutrients

Once again, any one of these improvements will benefit your health, but together your results will be multiplied.

There are numerous ways to create this Growth Hormone Response through INTENSE cardiovascular training. I call this type of programming HIT, or high-intensity training. Here are a couple of examples:

(All exercises should be done in a safe and controlled manner, and please train within your own conditioning level)

Mode: Stationary Bike

Duration: 20 Minutes

3 Minute Warm-Up

Intensity: 8 Cycles of 30 seconds as hard as possible/60 seconds moderate pace

5 Minute Cool-Down

Frequency: 3 Times a Week Maximum

Mode: Running Hills

Duration: 15 Minutes

2 Minute Warm-Up

Intensity: 10 Cycles of 20 seconds up as hard as possible/40 seconds down slowly

3 Minute Cool-Down

Frequency: 3 Times a Week Maximum

Here is an example of how to create hormonal responses with resistance training:

Mode: Free Weights/Machines/Body-Weight

Large Muscle Group Exercises

Duration: 20 Minutes

Intensity: Exercises should be in the 8-12 repetition zone at about 60 seconds per set/10 to 15 Sets

Rest periods should be only 30 seconds

Frequency: 3 times minimum/7 times maximum weekly If you would like the benefit of beneficial human growth hormone responses during your workout try one or all of these concepts.

In combination with a proper sleeping regimen, it is clear, you CAN receive the benefits of Human Growth Hormone... Naturally!

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