Are you using a Nutritional Log?

Do you understand the basics of Circadian Rhythm?

If you are interested in improving your health and overall well-being you have probably logged your nutrition for a couple of weeks and have seen some interesting trends.

Our body can and will react to a certain combination of foods, just like it would to drugs.

Our body will react to too much or too little food, just like it would to drugs.

Our body will react to a low quality or high quality of food, just like it would to drugs.

Now, if you really follow how you feel one to two hours after your meals, you may have noticed the quote unquote “perfect” meal for lunch might not be as “perfect” for dinner.

How can that be? Your circadian rhythm is different. Meaning, your body is “running” differently at that time of the day.

What do you do? Experiment…with the size, the combinations, but not the quality of your foods.

Remember, that your meals create strong hormonal responses for your body, so if you do not feel well or quite right, try to make the appropriate changes, so your food will be a medicine, not a poison.

If you have never used a nutritional log in the past, it is easy. But most definitely worth the time and effort!

Log your food intake.

Log your liquid intake.

Portion sizes are important, but not as important as the time and the combination of the foods eaten.

Make a note, one to two hours after you eat on how you feel. Be honest, did the meal have an effect on your energy levels, ability to focus, fullness,allergic responses, etc.. Just be honest. After two weeks you should have a pretty good idea of what foods and food combination's work and don’t work at specific times.